The story of a Berlin-Kreuzberg craft center
The Müller guide the toy sewing machine collectors always wanted does not only show the history of a single-family global business which survived over a century of turbulent times and whose factory if still productive, but has a full-coloured catalogue of the hundreds of toy sewing machines produced by F. W. Müller jr. company over thier 100 year old history.
Our Müller book
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Ø      Toy sewing machine how they work
Ø      F. W. Müllers jr. toy sewing machine factory
Ø      Patents and registered designs
Ø      Publicity: Advertisements, product names and trademarks
Ø      Boxes and fairs of the company F. W. Müller jr.
Ø     The completest ever Toy Sewing Machine Catalogue of the
         F. W. Müller jr. products
Ø     Thoughts on the first Müller model numbers (until 1914)
Ø     The little differences
The factory buildings
A section of an old catalogue
Here is a page of Müller products of 1896
Offered around 1896
The  completest ever catalogue shows all the todays known Müller products, as per example  
but also brochures
and many more informations.
Various Müller 4 and Müller 7
Knowing that there are hundreds of toy sewing machine collectors world wide, we have published this book in german and in english. The english version has all the history about the F. W. Müller jr. company. Today's owners of the F. W. Müller jr.'s factory buildings, called the "Kerngehäuse" also provided their story in the book and this was not translated to english. This is the story of the buildings after the manufacture of toy sewing machines stopped.

We hope you will enjoy our labour of love for all the Müller to sewing machines and that the book will become a great reference book for you.
Müller 1 in velvet box
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