We about us and how it all began
Just temporary we have called into question the opinion of Johann-Wolfgang Goethe that collectors are happy people following many years of researching the history and collecting toy sewing machines of F. W. Müller. Our passion may have started on that day when we visited a friend and saw tin toys in his glass-cabinet. After this day - many years ago - we started the search for those tin toys on flea- and antique markets, at antique shops, junk shops and at various auctions. There was always something new and interesting to find. Soon the long but narrow corridor at our Berlin apartment of those days was full of druming bears, clucking chicken, bycicledriving elephants, tin mice, jumping frogs, motorcycles, fire department cars and much more. It was just too much and we had to make the decision which part of the collection to part with. First we kept the mice, the motorcycles, the frogs and one toy sewing machine, because we thought that „this kind of thing“ would be be difficult to replace. We couldn’t be more wrong as in the following years we always managed to find different models of these tiny toy sewing machines. After several years - in the meantime we’ve already joined the German collector club called Schlingenfänger - we specialized on the toy sewing machines of F. W. Müller jr. made in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

But our interest to find out more about the history of this company started when another collector from the club Otto Landgraf, gave us the idea of researching the company. He said: „you are living in Berlin, why don’t you go and check if something of the Müller plant is still there?“
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