We would be happy to find (and assume that most of you are looking for the same machines)
We use Glenda Thomas famous books I and II for identification:
...several toy sewing machines and we're just working on our dreams, like
Dr. Hougs baby
plate 163
Baby Grand
plate 278
plate 425
and all these different toy treadle sewing machines
plate 2-211
plate 2-216
old colored Müller toy sewing machines
Modell 15 and 20
mistery toy sewing machines, like...
plate 2-550 and 2-551
American Gem with big wheel
plate 2-814
plate 2-817
Novelty, Cute
plate 2-821, 2-823
and all the other uncountable toy sewing machines, which we do not even know of or the one your are thinking about to trade or to sell....